Good to see this lot play Brighton again since I first saw them play at the Beachdown Festival in 2008. Unfortunately they’re only due to play a 45 minute set (I don’t know why we had to have two support bands when one would have done then the headliners could have played a proper set. Still that’s promoters for you).

“The house that dirt built” is the second album and they seem to be touring it pretty heavily as I saw them in November 2009 and they’ve been gigging pretty relentlessly since then. It’s a great set, just way too short. They play “Coleen” off the first album and it gets a cheer of recognition but I think the second album has even better songs and they all sound great tonight. Swaby’s voice is in good form and the band are very tight, something that happens naturally when you play lots of gigs. They manage to do most of the songs on the album and the crowd are into it all the way. Their sound is a great mix of funk, rock, reggae and samples thrown in for good measure but each song is well structured and it’s all great to dance to.

Despite the short set the band still have their sound cut at curfew time, prompting Swaby to say they’ll never play this venue again :-). I still don’t get why they didn’t play a longer set (maybe it was their idea) but it was still good to hear these songs live. Good album and good band who should be more famous than they are.


And a previous review from when they played in London in Nov 2009.