Support for this one comes from Lewis Floyd Henry the one man band. He’s a Jimi Hendrix lookalike in natty waistcoat and top hat who plays a miniature drum kit with his feet at the same time as singing and playing his Fender Strat. With his amp sitting in a McClaren baby buggy, he starts with a raucous version of ODB’s “Shimmy shimmy yeah” before playing a few classic Hendrix songs as well as his own material. On one particular song he was playing guitar, singing, playing his drum kit with his feet and playing mouth organ on the chorus. Something that has to be seen to be believed, it’s hugely entertaining and he can actually play! He busks around London quite frequently so put his name into Google for footage of what it is he does. Great stuff. 🙂

Loud, frenetic and playing every song at a hectic pace, the Jim Jones Revue are like the spawn of an insane menage a trois between MC5, Jerry Lee Lewis and Screaming Jay Hawkins. Amps turned up to 11 on all the guitars, it’s perfect stuff for jumping around to. You can’t really go wrong with a format like this as it’s just no fuss, good time Rock ‘n’ Roll. They’re an extremely tight five piece comprising drums, bass, two guitars and pounding piano and record for the Punk Rock Blues label, which is a perfect description of their sound. Their guitarist Rupert Orton runs the label and is also the brother of Beth Orton.

Their sound is relentless, you get a feel for the energy of their live shows from their eponymous debut album which was recorded live with no overdubs, but it’s live that you really appreciate what this band is all about. The only problem with playing at such ear shattering volume (and they are really LOUD) is that Jim Jones’ vocals often disappear in the sonic maelstrom. It’s ok if you know the songs as you can just about follow along but otherwise it’s like trying to listen to someone shouting into a hurricane.

Always worth seeing live, this is a band who should go from strength to strength. Their fifties era Rock ‘n’ Roll sound coupled with modern lyrics is a perfect balance, and with a new album out later this year, make sure you try and check them out at least once (but bring some ear plugs to turn the sound back down from 11 to 10).