Playing since the mid-Sixties, Geno Washington is an old school American R n B  institution who still clearly loves playing live. This current incarnation of the Ram Jam band consists of drums, bass, lead guitar and two sax players and they lay down an effortless groove over which Mr. Washington can do his thing.

It’s always going to be a crowd pleasing set of covers at a Geno Washington gig and that’s no bad thing if it’s done well. We’re treated to the Wilson Pickett classic “Land of 1000 dances” and Geno’s voice is well suited to the song. He also does “Papas got a brand new bag”, and the band admirably mimick  the JB’s sound.

I’m grooving on the dancefloor next to a dude busting some Northern Soul moves and we’re commenting on the wall flowers standing round the edges of the venue and those sitting down passively to watch while Geno sweats on stage. Still, that’s good old English audiences for ya. 🙂

He plays an uptempo Louisiana style funk/Cajan tune and as he hails from Evansville Indiana he says this is his take on that sound and gleefully introduces the song by saying “it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on” 🙂

His between song banter is in turn lecherous, jovial and plain crazy; but then anyone who’s seen him before will know of his eccentric charm. He’s always engaging though. (He did study hypnotism for years so maybe he knows how to hold and captivate an audience :-)).

He’s been doing this a long time and knows how to rock a crowd. You can see how the original Mod crowd where into what he was doing and it’s a show that will never really go out of style. Part soul revue, part funk jam, Geno Washington shows no sign of retiring just yet and long may he continue to play.