A hometown gig for this Brighton eight piece, and the venue is pretty full of the Baby Charles faithful. They play a mix of funk and soul and are fronted by Dionne Charles, whose powerful vocals set the party off just right. The band consists of drums, bass, funky guitar, keyboards and three person brass section – (tenor & baritone) sax, trombone and flute.

Think The Meters, Fred Wesley and just about anything good and funky and you’ll have an idea of the Baby Charles sound. They do a good mix of original songs and cover versions, stand out cover for me was “We Got More Soul” by Dyke & The Blazers but that’s ‘cos it’s a favourite anyway. It’s an energetic show, and the band are very good musicians. Dionne is a great frontperson too, chatting to the crowd between songs and jumping around to all the energetic numbers while never losing breath as she belts out the lyrics.

Danceable, entertaining and all round good fun, Baby Charles are a great Brighton band who should get even more recognition that they currently have when they release their new album in 2010.