This one is part of the Rising Styles hip hop festival that takes place every year here in B-Town.

This Queens MC is a veteran of the underground and has had a varied career. He’s long time pals with friend of LL Cool J, has been produced by the legendary hip hop producer Paul C (RIP) and has defeated Melle Mel in the Battle for World Supremacy at the New Music Seminar. he was signed to Sleeping Bag records and replaced Large Professor in Main Source but due to records company hassles and in-fighting, the album they recorded never saw the light of day.

Mikey Destruction is an all round good bloke and is enthusiastically chatting to pretty much everyone in the packed venue as he shakes hands, gets drinks bought for him and generally has a good time as MC-ing royalty here in Brighton :-). His DJ was a guy called Mauritzio who’s an ex-Rocksteady Crew member. He entertained the crowd by break dancing before their set as well as trying to dance with pretty much every woman in the venue :-).

Mikey D’s show is absolutely untouchable. A mixture of freestyles and powerhouse performances of his classic material delivered in a powerful cadence demonstrating breath control and lyricism – the true art of the MC.