Bristol born singer-songwriter Fin Greenall (Fink) started out as a DJ and remixer then gradually introduced more acoustic guitar and traditional singer-songwriting styles into his music. Now on his fourth album “Sort of Revolution”, he’s assembled a drummer and bass player (with a six-string bass!) to showcase his latest work.

His music is bluesy with a huge folk influence (not surprising as his dad is a was, is an accomplished and versatile vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist who combines folk, blues, electronica and dub influences in his music. He has released three critically-acclaimed studio albums, the latest being the magnificent Sort of Revolution.

It’s a pretty mellow show though, with everyone sitting down and watching as Fink goes performs in a singer-songwriting stylee 🙂 He’s pretty relaxed and chats and jokes with the crowd between songs. This is a home town gig after all so I imagine he knows a few people here. The songs are ok, it’s just not a gig to dance to, so this makes all the numbers sound a bit samey even though they are played very well. Easy listening but nothing to write home about, that’s my take on it.