Apparently this date isn’t part of any tour, The Magic Numbers have just finished their third album and wanted to play a date somewhere just to get out of the studio. Amazing to think that their last album came out in November 2006, it doesn’t feel like it was three years ago, but I guess a new album is about due. The fact that they picked Brighton, a place they’ve played about five times before, is testament to the huge following the band has down here. The venue is packed and there’s a good mix of all ages here tonight so this promises to be a good one.

The band consists of two sets of brothers and sisters, Romeo Stodart (vocals and lead guitar), Michele Stodart (vocals and bass), Sean Gannon (drums) and Angela Gannon (vocals, keyboards). They take the stage to huge applause and proceed to blaze through a mix of songs from the first two albums. The biggest cheers are reserved for their well known songs like “Forever Lost” and “Love me like you”. These still sound great and have the hallmarks of many a classic song – great singalong choruses, close harmonies and some great guitar work. Michele and Angela both have good voices, and their harmonies add a great depth and richness to all the songs. With three decent voices The Magic Numbers have an added versatility when it comes to peforming their songs, and the two girls both get the chance to sing lead on a some of the numbers and then Romeo will perform back up duties.

The new songs they play all sound like Magic Numbers’ songs but they have huge atmospheric arrangements that make them sound different from anything on the first two albums. The new album should be good if these songs are anything to go by, and they seem to be well received but it’s a partisan crowd for who the band can do no wrong.

They encore with a version of Bob Dylan’s “I shall be released” complete with loud and rowdy audience participation on the chorus. Prior to this a genial Romeo who’s been very chatty to the crowd the whole evening proceeds to rap the first verse of Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” for no particular reason. 🙂

They finish with “Mornings Eleven”, the first song on their first album and it’s a perfect way to finish. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole of the new album which is due out in late Autumn 2009. Always great live, the Magic Numbers serve up pop brilliance everytime.