A great support slot from The Noisettes kicks this one off. This is a band who continue to grow, this time displaying a distinct pop sensibility on their second album “Wild Young Hearts”. It’s a set underpinned by some great drumming from Jamie Morrison. Their performance is sharp and punchy with guitarist/lead vocalist Shingai Shoniwa in high spirits and in fine form. Good stuff!

TV on the Radio take to the stage to a huge reception from the sold out venue and singer Tunde Adebimpe has the crowd clapping along to the manic drumming almost as soon as he takes to the stage. The flashing strobes and bright lighting spoiled the majority of the gig for me as you just couldn’t see what was going on. It was like having a torch shined into your eyes for over an hour. It was annoying as they sounded great, particularly the drums which were funky and frenetic in equal measure. Their drum sound is a deft mixture of hip hop and hard rock, which is always a winning combination as far as I’m concerned.

Kyp Malone, guitarist and other lead vocalist on about half the songs was in fine voice and sported a huge afro and beard combo that pretty much obsured his features. Google a current image of him and you’ll see what I mean.  It’s a look he carries off very well though :-). He’s relatively static when singing but his rich voice is enough to lend him a commanding presence. He’s a good compliment to Tunde who, in complete contrast, never stops moving, dancing or clapping even when he’s not singing lead. Most of the songs they do tonight are from their current “Dear Science” album and these are met with enthusiasm from the sold out crowd. Their live show is complimented by using a saxophone player which adds a richness to their songs without making them unrecognisable.

Some of the numbers are played loud, with droning guitars and sampled loops that swell and reverberate through the speakers. It’s a full, expansive sound that you don’t always appreciate when listening to their CDs. They also perform the song “A Method” from their previous album “Return To Cookie Mountain, and this percussive-led track is beefed up by having all the members of The Noisettes joining them on stage to play various percussion instruments or just clap along. They encore with my favourite song of theirs “Staring at the Sun”, and from the reception this song gets it’s clear a lot of the audience also love this one. Playing their most accessible songs to date, TV on the Radio are a near perfect blend of rock, hip hop and electronica.