Support for this one comes from The Silver Brazilians, who play a great fusion of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and Garage with a blues harp player who revels in the unlikely name of Deaf Melon Jellyspoon. It’s catchy and uptempo, with walking basslines and fuzzy guitar that gets the initially sparse crowd up and dancing. They have a modern day take on the traditional twelve-bar blues sound, with songs like ‘Kate Winslet” being a particular stand out. Great stuff.

People are really waiting for the Jim Jones Revue though, and the venue is suitably busy by the time they come on. Jim Jones used to be vocalist in Thee Hypnotics, the psychedelic rock band of the late 80’s/early 90’s who were known for their great live shows. This element has been retained by his current band, who have been described as a mix of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and a healthy dose of MC5 and these comparisons are as good as any to give you an idea of their sound. What they are as well is extremely LOUD and this music sounds all the better for it. It’s a distorted, fuzzy, psych rock sound with pounding piano and thrashing guitars. Live, it can leave Jim Jones’ screamed vocals sounding a little bit muddy in the mix but the sheer energy of their performance is what this band is all about.

The album was also recorded live on a four track with no overdubs in 48 hours. I’m not sure when an album was last recorded like that. 🙂 So if you get the album you’ll know exactly what they sound like at a gig.

It’s relentlessly good time music and is absolutely fantastic to dance and jump around to. The crowd is a good mix of young girls dancing at the front as well as older Rock ‘n’ Roll heads jumping around vigorously. The bands members are all sharply dressed and definitely look good as they belt out the songs that make up the album. My only gripe is that the album only has ten tracks so once they’ve raced through those there’s not much more on offer leading to what felt like a shorter than average gig.

Loud, raw and gritty, the Jim Jones Revue steamroller you into dancing with their relentless onslaught of high powered rock ‘n’ roll. Absolutely essential live. Can’t wait to see them again soon.