Support for this gig comes from The Right Ons who are a tight band with tons of energy. They’ve obviously been around for a while judging by the quality of musicianship on show here. They have an energetic set with lead vocals alternating between the drummer for some songs and guitarist for others. They’re well received and leave the stage having warmed things up perfectly for the main event.

With the tenor sax player acting as MC, the True Loves – a multi-racial band comprising baritone sax, tenor sax, trumpet, drums, bass and rhythm guitar stroll onto the stage and quickly strike up a fluid groove. Eli “Paperboy” Reed bounds onto the stage to huge cheers. His show is part soul revue and part Rock ‘n’ Roll show. It’s an affectionate nod to, as well as being a pastiche of, a classic performance by a Stax artist.  These are all his own original songs too, no need to fall back on a string of cover versions which would be all too easy to do.

Most of the songs played tonight are from the “Roll with you” album, but he tells us a new album is due this Autumn and they play a couple of new songs that will be on there. He also does his version of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”, transforming that gigantic riff into a soulful horn-led excursion that completely transforms the original. I read somewhere that Lemmy hates this version, it’s certainly different and I’d like to know why Eli chose to cover it.

To slow things down a bit he performs two songs on his own once the band have left the stage. Accompanied by just his guitar (which should have been turned up a bit more in the PA) you can hear that his voice is more suited to the stomping racous shouters than to the mellower numbers. It’s entertaining enough, but just a diversion from the more uptempo songs.

The Gospel tinged “Take my love with you” is my favourite track on the album, and live it’s played really fast and energetically – becoming a rowdy shout-along with much whooping, hollering and screeching from the Paperboy. The encore is the track that closes the album and it’s a perfect way to end the show too. It’s an extended version of “Boom boom”, with all the members of support band The Right Ons also onstage furiously bashing away on various percussive instruments. It’s a sweat drenched danceable finale that definitely gives the set that revue type feel.

Shamelessly retro and with a firm emphasis on dancing. Top night out. 🙂