This gig is a launch party for the group’s new single (Baby) Hold Me Tight and for those who don’t know, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are three siblings from North London who play Rockabilly, Hillbilly swing, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll cover versions along with a smattering of original songs.

The set starts with the two sisters singing a short acapella, which gets a nice cheer from the crowd. Once they start playing, there’s everything from the restless energy of Louis Jordan to the spirit of Howling Wolf in what they do and they wear their influences firmly on their sleeves. Backed by their parents Graeme Durham (on guitar) and Ingrid Weiss (former drummer with The Raincoats here playing upright bass), the three take it in turns to sing lead, swapping instruments on different songs. Between them, they’ll play banjo, drums, lap steel guitar, ukelele, xylophone, electric guitar, trombone and harmonica. They’ve explained before that the reason they swap instruments so frequently is because they all have different playing strengths and weaknesses depending on the song, which is fair enough. While this shows their ability to get to grips with a variety of instruments it does give the gig a certain busking quality too.

Their set is all about cover versions of vintage R & B, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing and the Blues, and it’s just great to hear old Sonny Boy Williamson and Louis Jordan numbers played live rather than having to dig them out of my record collection. As expected, their original songs follow the blueprint of their cover versions. Uptempo numbers that wouldn’t be out of place on an old 78. And they do record on vintage equipment and release vinyl that plays at 78 rpm, although Lewis grudginly allows CDs of their music to be pressed as well 🙂

There’s an obvious commitment and love for the music they play and their enthusiasm detracts from the wavering sound levels on different songs and slight feedback problems from the different instruments on stage. They’re a great live band and well worth seeing if you’ve never caught them live before. Playing music this timeless you can’t really go wrong anyway as far as I’m concerned.